1 July 2007
It's My birthday !!!!

I got my first "Grandma" birthday card today.....when Ean came to visit on my birthday.....


Awwwwwwwww, isn't he a cutie?


Who could resist such a darling boy?!?

We had a cookout with all the usual goodies -
Mom's potato salad and baked beans, hamburgers, chips, hot dogs, veggie and cheese tray....

and the weather was so nice we all sat out on the back porch the entire time.

A Patriotic Birthday cake and beautiful flower arrangement my mother bought....

Riley is back there getting a whiff of the cake while sitting on Dad's lap... LOL


We had this with HOMEMADE fresh strawberry ice cream --- it was yummy!

Mike got out his recent "project" a mini-bike he re-built and repainted....  this turned into entertainment as Mike rode it all around the yard... with Riley thinking this was a game of catch!   She nearly caught up a few times too!

When Christopher got on it - Riley REALLY wanted to catch him.  I have video, but didn't get any pictures.... but it was a riot... she was chasing him and barking -- then learned she could chase to the left - cut across in front of the garden and meet them coming around the other side!

yep that's my wild garden behind him!




Mike being a "cornball" on the mini-bike  and making funny faces as he zips around the yard.

Everyone wanted to hold Ean -   great grandma - right
Katy- below 

Hi - I'm Uncle Mike -- remember me?
Mike met Ean at the hospital - but today he held his new nephew for the time.  We even got him to wash his hands to do it... and he'd been working on his truck! It was really funny, as Mike got into the role and whispered to Ean that he'd make sure he gets to do all the "fun stuff" even if Daddy says "NO"...  LOL

Chris and Mike -- Mike's back on that darn mini-bike!

The Mike gets out the go-kart, and Chris hops on (note - no shocks, only one seat, and little extra room!)

Chris - letting MIKE DRIVE??????

Did he catch that evil grin (is Mike contemplating dumping him on the next turn?)

Chris is hanging on with one hand to Mike's seat - and hanging on to his drink with the other! LOL



 Oh and just as evening set - I went out and icked my first things from the garden !

A yellow summer squash and a green pepper! .

Lots of tomatoes are setting now - can't wait for a ripe one!


All for now!  Cheryl