7 July 2007
More rain - more garden stuff!

Well on the Fourth of July we got some afternoon showers... and then, just at fireworks time it rained - and rained again.  We got about an inch over 24 hours. Last week our county got lucky and had nearly two inches of rain -some areas got only 1/2 inch.  Local fields are starting to look really healthy again.

Mother gave me three perennials for the new garden around the tree.  A "lungwort" (pulmonaria) is on the left, it has purple blossoms in the spring.  The hosta in the center is blooming, light purple flowers, and a liriope (small clusters of purple flowers on an upright stem, grass like leaves).

I planted a small lavendar on the back - but don't know if it will like being shaded most of the day.


The garden is finally showing signs of being productive!

While weeding - I found this!
A baby Sugar Watermelon that is already 2 inches long!
Isn't that sweet?


I have three cucumbers nearly full size-

doesn't this look refreshing on the vine?


Lots of tomatoes are setting now -I have about a dozen regular type that are 1 to 2 inches, and a few dozen roma that are 1/2 inch to 1.5 inches.  One cherry tomato is JUST starting to ripen....  seems like forever to get a fresh tomato

 I found what I believe is an acorn squash just setting



then this afternoon I decided to bake bread, here it is after first rise in the bowl.


I made a plain bread dough - and added a new McCormick spice mix called "Pizza Seasoning"  it comes in a "grinder" but I took the lid off and added the things whole.  It is pieces of pepper, onions, oregano, and other spices.  Dough smells faintly "pizza."

Mike should like it!

I decided to make it into two loaves so I cut in in half

I decided to make it two long "Italian" style loaves

Fresh bread - smelled so good we could hardly wait to taste it - opps - quick Get a picture before it is all gone.


MMMMM I love to bake!



All for now!  Cheryl