Friday,   15 Aug 20087

Catching Up

The First Week of August is the local County Fair...

Greene County - Ohio
I used to enter almost every year - but have not since around 1996.   This year I decided it was time to return!


The picture at the right has my entries (except for quilt below)

Even the table cloth was entered - and won a blue Ribbon.

As you can see - I did quite well!  The judges didn't appreciate my darling bantam eggs, however, and they didn't get a ribbon!  : - (


Blue Ribbons for: Cross Stitch Table Cloth, Grape Jelly, and the following antiques -  Pattern Pitcher Clearn, Depression Pitcher, Pattern Glass plate colored (the star plate), Candy container, Colored Milk Glass, Pewter Kitchen (ice cream mold). Pattern Glass Specimen, Pattern Glass Cake Plate, Depression Platter (green, at left), Yelloware Mixing Bowl, and  mechanical Toy. Red Ribbon: Currant Jelly,  Catsup (mine was a chunky), Americana (box hackle at right), small musical instrument.

Additionally - I entered this under "group quilt" (made by more than one person - hand stitched).  We took Second Place...  It is a darling Baby Quilt I made with my friend Cindy.     I  did all but two of the embroidered squares, and she did the patchwork and put it together. It was for her granddaughter.

Yes - I'm hiding there on the right... LOL

I   am already starting for next year's fair - I put up a batch of Blueberry Jelly last Saturday - then I started on the tomatoes...

This is a pan I picked on Sunday - all of these came from ONE PLANT - except the large one in the front.  (If you want a great tomato variety - the ones in the pan are "Super Fantastic" variety.)

I picked another full pan from my Second plant of the same type!
Yes - that huge tomato is almost six inches across and 4 inches tall!  

This pan full went in BATCH THREE of THREE that I canned this weekend of my dad's favorite "chili sauce" - kind of a cross between salsa and a chunky ketchup/picante.


Mother picked this bowl full of Roma (and a few patio) -they went in the FIRST of THREE Batches of Sauce I cooked this week.

I also picked a bowl full of Romas from my garden, they went in the second batch!

These are also delicious eaten fresh from the garden!


This is what a batch of the sauce looks like while I cook it -- all told it takes about 4-5 hours to make a single batch of this sauce.


When I start - the pan is full of finely chopped tomatoes, onions, red and green bell peppers, salt,  and a spice ball with pickling spices... you add sugar and vinegar after it has cooked down to half the volume - then cook it a little longer before you put it up in the jars.

yummy! Total production - 16 pints of sauce!!!!


This was the only flower that bloomed last fall after I bought the house - most of the gardens were bare... there were a few spring bulbs and a couple of lilies in the front...

This is a Japanese Anenome ..

It is blooming again this year - and has nearly Doubled in size from last year.... I  will have to dig some of it - it is trying to take over the garden!

All for now!