12-14  Oct 07

The NEW SHED!!!!!


I ordered a shed for the backyard--- this is the view BEFORE my shed....

 Friday , 12 October 2007 at 10:35 AM, the Taylor Barn company shows up with the truck.

That is actually TWO sheds on the truck. Mine was the first of the day.

The unloaded all the parts and laid them out in the yard.

Then they put the pre-built base on the blocks and runners and levelled it.

Next  they stood up the walls and nailed them together.

  I didn't get a lot of pictures- as it was overcast - and a slight drizzle from time to time.


As soon as they got done with the walls - the three of them all took over different tasks.  One guy got on top and put the roof boards on -and when he finished, did the flashing and the shingles.  One guy was the "gopher" and handed up stuff and cut pieces for the other two, and the third guy finished the porch, put the porch uprights in, hung the door, put the windows in, - and did the finish work.

 In less than 2 and a half hours - they were done!

Isn't this a DARLING garden shed?  From our porch -  it also blocks the view of the other neighbor's back porch...

We ended up with more concrete blocks than they needed to level the base - but we ended up putting them under the shed, around the bottom of the right side and back.  We will frame in lattice or something else to keep animals from living under the shed.

Mike is building a small ramp so we can put the mower in easily....and we are planning to add electricty.

Next weekend -- paint!!!



All for now!