Sunday, 17 June 2007  8 PM

Well - today was father's day --- being a weekend, I slept in later than usual ... again.

I finally got up and dressed, and headed to the store to pick up a few things.  Then home, unload
the groceries - and start on making a seven layer salad for out cookout dinner.  I started by picking
fresh lettuce from my garden!  I should take a picture tomorrow... it has really grown - but this was taken a few weeks back.  The tomato plants at the near end are four times that size now!

Since it is Father's Day we had a cookout at mom and dad's... a little cake that said "I Love My Daddy" and fresh strawberry ice cream.
Chris, Mike and their grandfather eyeing that cake....

   Ean with Daddy on his First Father's Day

Daddy, Ean and Mommy

And I like it when Great Grandpa holds me too!
Great grandma seems to think I'm cute too...

Well, wasn't that a nice Father's Day?

 All for now,  Cheryl