Saturday  18 Aug 2007

Well - here is the latest project.  It took over a month to build.  .My son, Mike, helped with the framing and heavy work - I did the "assisting" stuff, and the painting.  This is a "portable" henhouse.  I bought the wire, the  door handle and latch, a back slide bolt latch, the paint, nails and screws, and some treated 2x4's and 2x2's.  Mike scrounged the remainder of the wood, decking material for the inside floor, tar paper, and left over shingles.  We also used some new door hinges for the top (it tilts up from the back) and the door - that Mike brought home from work as "throw aways" they don't use.  Total length is 8 feet, and width is four feet.  The little wooden boxes on the right are the new hens - about to be put in their new home!


I went out to the Greene County Fair  the last day  (4 August) hoping to catch some 4H'ers - but they had released them all when I got there.  Luckily - one of the advisors was still there and gave me his card.  Friday, the 17th, I drove out to his farm.  I planned only to get three hens - but ended up with five when he convinced me I had enough room for them, especially since three are bantams.  He boxed them up in green bean crates for the ride home!!!!   When I got home I set the boxes inside - and lifted the lids - and in they went!  They were glad to get out, after the 30 minute car ride from the farm!


   You can see all five here (mostly)...

The big black (Gracie) is an Aracuna, as is the larger silver-brown (Henrietta).  They will lay blue eggs.  As both are the biggest and eldest hens - they have already quickly  established their seniority!  The small hen in the lower left (almost out of the picture), and in the box above as the bird lower in the photo -  is a Wyandotte bantam. I named her Penny.  The other two are both Buff Brahma Bantams... one is hiding under the ramp. They are named Honey and Ginger.


 My friend Cindy came over with her granddaughter.  Chickens like fresh veggies - and I sent Grace out to get this MONSTER overgrown cucumber from the garden.


We cut it up into four pieces - and Grace, being small enough - put them in the cage for the chickens.  

Here the girls are - again.. I stuck the camera in the cage door - and just snapped a random shot --

Gracie seems to be running the show -  --although she and Henrietta do seem to be battling for position as "top hen",

They are both "pushy" ... and dominate the other three birds.  Poor little Penny is the "baby" at only about 16 weeks - and she has been assigned to the bottom of the pecking order... even the Bantam Brahma sisters boss her around!  No eggs yet -- he said I might have to wait up to 2 weeks, they had them "off" laying... and I am feeding them the high protein layer feed, and keeping them in extra light... which should do the trick.



My mother has a friend named Jan - they have known each other since school days. Jan and her husband Ron come down to visit from time to time.  Recently, she said she had a dining room light she had purchased, but decided was too big for her dining room.

Last weekend we were up her way - and picked it up.  It is stunning, and goes well with my grandmother's dining room furniture!

Mike installed it for me.... nice to have a "live-in handyman."


All for now - I've been busy canning - two batches of "chili sauce" my dad loves (using tons of tomatoes from the garden!) , one batch of blueberry jam, one of strawberry, and one of "white grape" jelly......from the Niagra grapes on mom's vine.  The Concords had only a few bunches - so I just went ahead and did the jelly with the white grapes.

All for now...