10-17 SEP
California photos II

Pine Street runs up through Long Beach - and has a lot of eating places... I parked near the foot of Pine Street and walked up two blocks, and back down to my car.  Thought there would be nice "shopping" - but there wasn't - it was all eating!  I swear - all Californians must think about is FOOD! LOL

A block over to the East is a shopping area that had a big bookstore, more eateries, a game place, two specialty clothing stores... but nothing really exciting.


 This building was on the corner as I walked up Pine Street--

I love old architecture - especially when it has such beautiful tile mosaic detail as this.  The gold medallions sparkled in the sun.


I thought the pigeon was a nice touch too...



 LONG BEACH - again.

At the foot of Pine Street - it intersects with Ocean - and the tourist "harbor" area is there.
I parked in the garage for the Aquarium - and took a stroll.

The Aquarium is in the background... This was an interesting fountain with ceramic mosaic on the outside of a circular wall, inside you could walk up on a platform - and the water would rush up and down the walls like ocean waves.


This was part of the outside of the fountain, looking out to the rows of commercial boats.  Many are "harbor cruises" or fishing... and there are two dinner boats.


 Another tourist asked me to take their picture - and returned the favor for me.  This is the little light house in the Long Beach downtown - marina area.

Orange County airport is also named "John Wayne International Airport."  This larger than life statue is in the atrium.  The bronze casting itself about 10 feet tall, and stands on a 4 foot base.


I'm sure this is how he pictured himself...

the great cowboy.....


Took this on Friday - as I waited for my flight home to Ohio!!!

All for now!