19 and 21 Oct 07

Friday night- Grandma got to baby sit with Ean.  I was too busy having fun with him, or being entranced while he slept to take pictures! LOL

But when mommy and daddy came to pick him up - he woke up and wanted to play.  So we played and took pictures.

He would like to crawl to that water bottle at the left corner of the picture - but he can't quite get it together yet!  Look how big this kid is!!!


With a little assistance from Mommy - he can stand up, and is making some stepping motions too!


Aren't I a BIG BOY!!!!!


Mommy is so proud...


   Daddy loves me too -- I am just so happy.


Grandma thinks I look like Daddy...



 Sunday, 21 October 2007 we had beautiful weather -- felt like summer!  So we had a summer cookout.  Uncle Mike and Katy were full and happy after a dinner of barbeque chicken, corn pudding, potato salad, baked beans and a fancy Jello Salad.


Ean is also developing a great sense of humor.  He will laugh when you play peek-a-boo with him, and tries to pull an blanket or other cloth in front of his face in imitation.  He also demonstrated his idea of a fun game with Mommy.

" Here Mommy - have my pacifier! Oh.

that's funny!!!!"


Mommy puts the "ring end " in her mouth - and then Ean laughs....




Then he opens up and munches down on the "pacifier" end to get it back from Mommy!




now isn't that a riot...

and - he did it more than once!
He thought that was a great game!

What smart little cookie he is...

Grandma just loves him... <G>



Oh -- I just have to share this.  This is Christopher - Ean's Daddy- as a young boy... chasing a chicken.  I always have loved this picture....  But what is even funnier today - whenever Chris comes to visit, he just loves to come to my house and catch "Penny" the smallest of my hens and hold her.

They never DO grow up! <G>

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