19-25 SEP 2007

 last of the September Birthday Cakes!


Mike turned 23 on the  25th of September.

His cake preference is Strawberry - so - he gets his annual strawberrry cake; this time with a pool table, some beer and some party decorations... LOL


Making a wish?

How much beer do those little cans really hold?

(answer - none... LOL)



 A Sampling of Birthday goodies -

 John Deere Shirt I got for Mike

"One with Dirt" - -

soooo appropriate!



 Opening more presents,  just what everyone wants -- a new motor mount for their truck (yes his needs repair)......

No doubt Chris is thinking (and of course I will get asked to help put it on!)

The Jack Stands from Grandpa are good though - definitely something Mike needed!

And a set of dominoes from Grandma and Grandpa -- something that he has recently discovered, after playing with mom and grandparents, is a fun game.


Birthday money too... <G>


 Cool new Dodge Hat came from his brother, along with a t-shirt.....


Happy - full of steak, cake, and ice cream!




 Ean was having a good time playing on the floor while Uncle Mike opened presents.

He has started  to really "talk" a lot -  little happy baby sounds, giggles, and laughs.

Here he talks to Daddy....

He's 4 1/2 months old now -- and really a big boy!



All for now!