26 Oct 2008

AFSAC International Ball

AFSAC holds an annual "International Ball." This year was the 29th formal affair.  This event is traditionally a big deal to  which all the foreign liason officers, wives, AFSAC employees,  weapon system program employees, and some local DoD contractor employees are invited.  This year's attendance was the largest ever - over 410 people..

It was held in the National Museum of the Air Force, at Wright Patterson AFB...

Here is a small photo of the museum from the air -- so you have some idea HOW big it was,  the RIGHT side of the photo is the FRONT of the museum -- where we entered -- the LEFT side is the back "hangar" where we had the party.

It started with 'happy hour' from 630 - 730 in the first wing of the museum -- on the right - then they came around with dinner bells and led us back into the "Modern Gallery of Flight" on the far left.
These "galleries"  are huge things -- well - like airplane hangers...



This is in the left half of the wing - it is a full size B52D
Stratofortress --  yes - that is a person standing beneath it..

and a C125 in the other side!!! (large plane in the background with

nose doors open.) Hanging in the air is one of our "unmanned" aerial vehicle platforms.  The blue thing is a "mockup" flight deck that people can get in and "fly."

This is the "right" side of the gallery - during the daytime
All those planes - and still room for other planes and for a big party in the center!
When you walked in - the first thing you saw was this beautiful ice sculpture.
it was nearly 5 feet tall - all by itself - and sitting on a table - so it was very tall.
Must have been 200 pounds of ice!  the tables are on the left and right of the red carpet.  There were  410 place settings !!!!!! Largest ticket sales they ever had!!!!   Notice the Japanese Foreign Officer's wife - on the right- in her kimono.  There were several that night....



Just so you get a real idea how TALL this sculpture was - a photo of my friend Betty

with the sculpture

They had the gallery lights down on the planes - and only spotlights for the center of the gallery where the party was - a big US Flag on the back wall above the main stage, with a white spotlight on it - and Red and Blue spotlights to either side.  The flag is, unfortunately directly behind the ice sculpture in this photo....
Here is a picture as events started...from where I was sitting - you can see the flag....




After dinner - they brought dessert - and we had the US Air Force Strolling Strings come and play while we ate.  They are a quite select ensemble that performs regularly at the White House...  They flew in from Washington DC -- just to perform for this event, there are about 20 in the ensemble.





Left to Right

Colonel, Me, Betty, Brazilian officer, another AFSAC employee, and another Brazilian officer. The Colonel on the right was quite entertaining - he is Commander of the 703rd - which does the Reaper program (I'm doing two cases for those for UK, and Betty has one she is working on too - he thought that was quite a coincidence!)  The other guy is also an AFSAC person - who does "G" cases in the other division down the hall from me, was the first time I ever met him.


After dinner they had dancing - and there was a lot --
the DJ was just in front of the BIG  C--5 - it looked like it was trying to eat him!
But it was so dark you can hardly see it in this picture.


There were some ROTC cadets there - and they provided us with a little silly entertainment....You can See the C-5 up just behind the gal in the red dress -- the nose doors are open.

took lots of other pictures - but won't bore you with the rest! LOL
We had a nice time ... food was great too....
There - wasn't that fun???


All for now!