Monday, 27  Aug 2007

Horray !


I got my first egg today --   

I opened up the coop door for the boxes - and here was this small light brown egg.

It is about half the size of a store bought

standard "Large" egg.  It is a very pretty, pale creamy beige egg.

From the size and color I know it came from one of the Bantams.  The Wyandotte was in the coop when I checked- so it might have been her.  I think the Buff Brahma eggs would be darker brown....


Here is a nice photo of the two full size Aracuna hens.  The dark hen is Gracie, and the silver hen is Henrietta.


I can't wait to get a pale blue egg from one of these two gals !  I suspect it will be awhile yet for Henrietta - as she is molting right now.

They posed for this picture when I offered them the dandelion greens in the pan.

Found out that hens just LOVE fresh dandelion greens! <G>

 The garden is dying down.  I picked the acorn squash and the three eggplants this weekend.

There are still quite a few romano tomatoes ripening, even though the plants are over on the ground.
I have a few peppers left in the garden too.

This was the "herb" and perennial garden behind the garage in the spring.




Here is the garden today - the window above is my lampwork shop.  The stained glass angel in the window was a gift from my aunt Joey in Florida.   Unfortunately the glass reflection has blocked part of her out.

The tall plants on the left are Balsam that came from my mother's garden when she gave me a start of her lily of the valley (hidden beneath them).  I am holding three grape vines in this garden until I get the grape arbor built.. then I will transplant them out.

I've been doing some more beads outside of "chocolate bead orders" - finally having some time to experiment... there are new "Seafans" (check the black Raku one!) - and new "Sea Life" Beads.including some yummy raku seashells, and a stunning purple dichro seashell.