29 JULY 2007

Well - in Dayton, Ohio it is "Air Show Weekend"
 Traditionally - it is hotter than blazes, they have "cooling stations, and people still keel over and get horribly sunburned. ( there is  almost always a thunderstorm or two on top of that)
 Well - it was cooler than usual this weekend (note that means about 8  degrees cooler -LOL) But It was overcast here most of the  day - which kept the temperatures down - I wondered if they had enough ceiling to do much of the flying.  I NEVER GO - they used to show it on TV - but they stopped doing that a couple years ago, despite working for the AF. I have no interest in baking in the sun to watch airplanes, or being  around if one of them decides to smack into the ground (and the
 Unfortunately - there was a crash at this year's air show - and a pilot was killed.  Fortunately - he hit the runway - and not the crowd.

 There was  a light spot of sun around 5-6 PM....but no rain during the day!  The GreeneCounty farmers must be thrilled about the rain we have had  here the last two weeks.... couple inches in the past 14 days...  I heard it raining late this evening - and was surprised how hard it was coming down.  I did not stake most of the tomatoes - and they are falling over..

 The Giant Pumpkin finally set two baby pumpkins - but one of them fell  off when it was about the size of a golf ball.  The one remaining is shaped kind of like a cantaloupe - but about half the size..... at  least I think it is from the pumpkin vine!!! hmmmm.... I did plant a cantaloupe in there too -
 wonder which it really is... That end of the garden is a huge  intermixed bunch of vines - hard to tell which is which - except for
 the watermelon - it has very distinctive leaves.... have two of those  "sugar baby" watermelons set.  One is the size of a baseball - and one is the size of a softball already.

 I have one acorn squash almost ready to pick, and picked another  cucumber (right sized! instead of jumbo!) and another yellow summer squash.
 More cherry tomatoes are coming - I have about a cup and a half of  them on the counter.... and one small 2 inch size tomato was  I picked that.
 Pulled another test radish today - they are still too small.

 I spent most of today working around the house - AS USUAL.  Though this morning Mike and I spent about 2 hours working on my  project of the week - a chicken coop...
 No kidding - probably will piss off a neighbor (bet the grumpy old guy  two house north finds a reason to complain...)
 But I have always wanted a pet chicken... LOL  now - you can't have "one" - but 3 will do nicely and you don't have
 to have a rooster to get eggs.  I checked our local laws- and they do not have a prohibition against chickens in the zonining I'm going to have a go  at it.  This coming week is County Fair - and I am going to go see if
 I can buy a couple nice young hens from a 4H kid...  they will have been well cared for... <G>
 I will have to take a picture of the coop -- it needs painted and the  wire mesh put on - but everything else is done.  Mike even put real  roofing on it.  I have about $45 in in now - and need to buy the wire  mesh - but everything else Mike brought home as "scrap" from the construction sites - including the roofing!
 It is a "mobile" coop - that you can move around the yard... I want those chickens to eat my bugs!!! LOL

 Chris and Amber stopped by briefly - and had Ean with them - he is so  darling...growing like a weed !
 Chris thinks I am crazy - to build a chicken coop...

 Around 330 I went with mother and we ate at PANERA  the only meal I ate all day -
 Then we drove down to get  my sewing machine that I dropped off for repair on 2 JULY!
 Well,  that wasn't cheap!!!!  $129.00 -- I busted the bobbin drive device under the plate...  they also cleaned, oiled and adjusted it -
 which it needed.  And I have to have it to finish my quilts...

 On the way back to Beavercreek, Mother and I were talking about her  studying French - and I suggested she get things to listen to - since  she can read it - but hearing it is harder - and I suggested the library.  She hadn't thought of that.  We stopped in and asked the  research lady to help us - and we found three movies in FRENCH with
English subtitles (that will help... LOL)

 Then we stopped by Chris and Ambers and saw Ean .....  and then I took mom home - it was a little after
six PM -
 I made a trip to LOWES to get some stuff to finish remodeling the main bathroom - the one Mike uses....and a couple other small things I needed.  I got home around  PM.  Walked around the yard and pulled a  few weeds here and there - need to do more of that tomorrow.... but it was pretty warm and humid out, so I decided to come indoors.

  I changed my clothes into painting clothing - and started working in
 the bathroom - had to fill some rough spots and holes with spackle.
 Then I let that dry while I read Email (good idea!).  Then I had to sand that stuff  where I filled.

 I bought myself a nice small sander last weekend - as I plan to sand  the door between the laundry/garage and paint it fresh --so the sander will come in handy! After I sanded where I filled I started taping baseboard, etc.
 Mike came home about 930 - with some friends, and I told him the old toilet need to go OUT.
 He said "tomorrow" and I said - "no, tonight" - he said "later" I finished taping and opened a can of the paint and started to edge
 Mike's friend came in - and saw me working and asked if there was anything they could do - and I said "yes - get Mike to take this
 toilet out of here"    So - he went and got Mike and made him come in....Taking a toilet OUT is no big deal - turn off the water, flush, bail - take the bolts off, take the line off -  lift it up - and out it goes.  With the two of them - taking it out
 was less hassle than if Mike had done it alone.

 So - with that gone - there was a patch of wall paper behind the toilet... LOL - You always find that.  People don't want to bother to
 move the toilet.
 There is blue flowered wall paper behind the blue toilet in the half bath... I peeked....LOL

 So I have been painting since -- I have about 5 sq feet left - but had  to take a break and sit down - I have to finish before bed - because this paint I got isa THREE COAT paint system - I am putting the base coat on - and it has
 to dry overnight before you can continue.  The paint is a "crackle"  paint.  I chose it because it looks very interesting - kind of
 masculine, and the walls in there are fairly rough - ( they ripped wallpaper off - and then painted.... apparently with barely
 sanding..... arggggh)

 So I am hoping that this "antique" treatment will kind of hide all the  sins of the walls...they will just be antique and crackled!  LOL The base coat is a light brown - and the top coat is a very lightcream....
 so the little crackles of brown show through what is mostly a cream
 top coat.  It was very pretty at the store - hope it looks as good on the walls!

 I am hoping that I can have it all done tomorrow -- and when Chris or Daddy come over - they can help Mike put the NEW toilet in -- put the counter top on (it is cut and ready to drop in), and drop in the new sink... and hook
 it up!  Mike will have a full bathroom back by tomorrow night- he has been without a sink for almost 2 weeks -

 Well - I guess my bones are rested enough to go finish - then I can wash the brushes - and myself, and hit the sack.
 Well - was that chatty enough?? LOL
 Night all!    Cheryl