Friday,   31 Aug 2007

Horray !


I got my second brown egg today --   

I was home at lunch and opened the coop and found Henrietta - the large silver Aracuna on the left nest (where the first brown egg was laid on the 27th - shown on right).

She got up and left - empty nest.  One of the Buff Brahma bantams was out in FRONT of that box - and she left-- I looked ... and there was a little brown egg!  I put it in the refrigerator and left...

This evening - I got home a little late - after having dinner with my parents and their friends.  I took some scratch out to the girls and opened the pen -- the Aracunas came out and played in the yard for awhile ... they just LOVE finding dandelions to eat!  

 Then I opened up the COOP - and much to my SURPRISE I had two more eggs!

One light blue is the Aracuna.  Despite my thinking Henrietta wasn't going to lay because she had been molting - I suspect she left this gift... since she was in the nest at noon.

There was also another small brown Buff Brahma egg!  That means that both buffs are laying - since a hen only lays one egg a day.
I now have four eggs in the refrigerator - I think I will have eggs for breakfast tomorrow... and find out if they really do taste different from store bought!

I took this photo of the girls "hanging out" under the coop.  One reason I built it up "off the ground" is that they recommend  a covered area for the chickens.  They really like sitting under there in the shade.  When it was really hot last week I put a box fan next to the back wire - and they would sit there and keep cool.


 I finished the stamped cross-stitch bib I started for Ean.  It is quite cute with this turtle floating in his inner tube.

Quite a happy fellow.....




This was the only flower that bloomed last fall after I bought the house - most of the gardens were bare... there were a few spring bulbs and a couple of lilies in the front...

I didn't know what it was - but loved it at first sight.  This year it is twice as large -

This is a Japanese Anenome ..

aren't the flowers sweet?  The bumble bees really like to work them....

All for now!