Monday, 3 September 2007

An absolutely beautiful weekend - nice temperatures and sunshine.
I got another brown egg and a small blue on Saturday and Sunday - and today when I checked the box Gracie was on the nest.  She was there about two hours, because twice I checked the box to see if there were any eggs, and she was sitting on the nest.  Later Dad went out to see the birds, and I checked to box - there was a really beautiful, big, blue egg.

The largest one in the photo is the new egg - and the smaller one is by the other hen, Henrietta, and the smallest one is from one of the small bantam Buff Brahmas.

So - now I know the whole "range" of eggs I am going to get.

Ean came to visit Grandma on Saturday night -- Grandma gave him the new soft toy, shaped like a softball, but with a great gripping handle.

It has a ncie bell-like soundmaker inside - and is very soft... Ean liked it...and patted it a lot.

Sunday evening we all went to my parent's house- and we had dinner.  After dinner Chris and Amber went into the hot tub with Ean.

(Chris turned the heat all the way down the other day, and then ran a little cold water in it until it was a safe "bath tub" temperature.)

"Oh - look at all that WATER!"

Hi Daddy!

(Ean didn't like the sun in his face, so we were blocking the sun for him)


After they all got out - Ean made a cute purple papoose in a soft fluffy towel.....



 Oh - here is what six eggs from the girls look like all together ---   isn't that a pretty sight?


All for now!