5 Dec 2007
First SNOW here in Beavercreek - and it's a whopper!

Looking out into the backyard toward the new shed..... snow, snow and more snow!




What do the chickens think????

 They think it is




yummmm - turnip greens.

They just go nuts for the turnip greens.

Note the tiny bit of snow along the ledge inside the coop yard.

I saw Gracie, the black aracuna nibbling at the snow..... LOL


This is a picture of the coop around 530 PM

on 5 DECEMBER 2007 after our day of snow.   The "tent" over the yard really kept the snow out.... they are happy to run around in their "yard"  even though it is cold outside!!!

I have the coop up onto the edge of the patio.

The patio roof hangs over it, and the far end of the patio is closed in with a winter "wall" and plastic windscreen we put up.  So they are well protected from the wind.


 They have food and water both inside the coop and outside- but they dont' seem to mind eating outdoors.

 I think they are pretty happy.  I have had five eggs this week. One blue aracuna on Sunday, two bantams Monday, and one bantam each on Tuesday and Wednesday.... so they are doing pretty well for winter.

All for now!