5  Oct 07

 Ean ---

Is this a happy baby or what?


Taken about late August - he is bigger than this already.... LOL


 At the race track with Mommy - while Daddy races....   27 September 2007

The back of the Jeep makes a fun place to hang out... he just woke up from a nap.

He had a fun time, and was admired by everyone

....but doesn't like that really bright sunshine!



 Another Great Reason to own chickens....

they are wonderful fall garden cleaners.


You roll that chicken coop onto the garden

and leave it a few days.


 This is what the garden looks like BEFORE the chickens have fun.....

all those leftover weeds I didn't get pulled, and the remains of garden plants.


Note- I found out they DO NOT like cabbage and kale.... LOL





 And this is what the garden looks like

AFTER the  chickens have fun!!!


They eat everything except the heavy stems....

right down to the bare ground!


Then they like to dig in the dirt and give themselves a dustbath! LOL



Mike built a very nice privacy fence on the right side of the house.  We also have a fenced area next to the house for the trash (and my lampworking tanks!).  Mike installed a short piece of brick and stone sidewalk to the new gate. It is difficult to see in this photo... but the stones to the left of the tree are the edges of the rock garden along the sidewalk.   The bare dirt in front is now being grassed in... but this will be pretty next summer when I have flowers in the garden.




All for now!