7-8 March 2008
The Snow Storm!

Friday - 7 March - the storm started around 9 am, and just kept coming!

Many schools and businesses closed early, even the base released us at 1 PM.
It snowed and snowed. 

I fed the chickens early - around 5 pm, but stepped out around 9 pm to see how the snow was going.... this was the coop in the snow.

 Doesn't seem to bad --- now does it????

Mike had some friends stop by around 730 PM and, boys will be boys, they wanted to have fun in the snow.  The street was already a good 5 inches or more of snow - and no traffic to worry about.

They got out the go-kart and had fun taking turns riding up and down the street and doing doughnuts in the snow. Over three hours of fun- and the only car they saw was Mike's brother, Chris, coming to join the fun!

  Personally - I think anyone who leaves the nice warm house to play in the snow, while the wind chill is  6 degrees F, is a bit crazy!

 Woke up this morning - and there was a LOT OF SNOW - the city has not yet plowed our street.  


I took this photo just before noon - note how tall the snow is on the Coop! The snow to the RIGHT of the coop is a combination of snow that slid off the coop, and off the roof of the house.
Note - it was still snowing at this time !


After 4 PM, Saturday afternoon.


Yes - it really is as tall as the roof of the house- that is not an optical illusion.  The "wire" sides of the front pen were starting to bulge, and we were afraid that the plastic rain tarp, under all that snow, might give up and rip.   I decided "enough" was enough and asked Mike to take the snow off the front of the coop.

 Mike hard at work pushing the snow off the coop plastic rain tarp with a broom...

Notice that it is still snowing in the background - and notice all the snow to the RIGHT of the coop - I cannot even get the cage door open, not that it matters.

The girls won't come out of the coop and get their feet cold in the snow. So I am feeding them in the coop.  The back of the coop has a door with a wall mounted feeder that I only use in bad weather, and they also have a waterer inside.

I've been out twice today to feed and water them, they seem content to stay inside where it is warm and dry!  (they also have a space heater that keeps if from being freezing in the coop.)

 Inside the front Patio - check the snow cap on my gazing ball and check the "welcome" sign that is nearly up to the top in a snow drift!

and the cute "mini" drifts in the tree limbs!



This is the drift hanging ABOVE the front patio area, off the window above Mike's bedroom......

yes - that is a huge snow drift hanging off the roof!  Mike said he can't wait to see it fall off... LOL

Mike too this photo of the south end of the house -- notice the huge snow sculpted drift hanging off of the roof!

The drift in the foreground is about 4 feet deep.....

just crazy weather for March!



All for now!  Wish you were Here!