7 SEP  to 16 SEP 2007


Weather is beautiful in Ohio right now - nights are cooling off, and days are much more pleasant.  I had a week-long business trip coming up 10-14 September....

September is birthday month here.

Chris turned 25 on the 7th.

The family all went out to "Friday's" for dinner....  then back to my parent's house for cake and ice cream.

Amber, Ean and Chris

My Dad's birthday is the 10th of September, so we had an early birthday celebration on the 9th -- out to Olive Garden, and then home for cake -

this time German Chocolate (his favorite -- and Christophers...!!!

I found this really nice copper designed bird feeder for him.

Then I was off  to CALIFORNIA

See trip photos on the 17 September  page entry!

On Friday - 14 September I got home  (late!)

But -  it was time for CAKE AGAIN!
Amber's birthday is the 16th - but she had plans with her family that day,  so we took her out on Sunday, the 16th, to dinner at Red Lobster - then - back for the traditional CAKE TIME!

Very nice picture of Amber, Ean, and Christopher.


Ean has his little "Otter" I brought back for him from California.....


 And if that isn't enough - we have MIKE's Birthday yet this month -- now you know why it is CAKE MONTH!

All for now!