Alien "Ghost" Beads

These beads are a take-off from the African Trade Beads known as "Ghost Beads." One day I saw a teenager wearing an "Alien" theme baseball cap... it suddenly struck me - THOSE EYES! That HEAD! It's a green "Ghost Bead" shape!!! (You don't suppose those little green men were visting way back then? LOL) Anyway - at the torch that night I created.... The ALIEN BEAD!!!!
AVG Size spacer beads---

only $1.75 each!!!!!

Ghost Tubes - each approx. 3/4 inch long

Only $3.25 each

Also available: White on black plain ghost,(in styles as shown above and as on the left),or in HORIZONTAL ghost style as shown at right. School "spirit" ghost colors also available special order. (shown navy on yellow.)

The ALIEN BEADS are featured on a needlcase design by Jennie Might -

in her book BEADED FAVORS

follow link to her website
"Alien Ghost Beads!!!" Copyright 1998 DRAGON BEADS