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My on-line business, DRAGON BEADS, often makes people ask more about me... so I hope that these pages will satisfy your curiosity.   I hope that you will come back and visit my pages often - to see new pages, new links, new glass, and new photographs.    Be sure to Visit DRAGON BEADS  if you haven't been there yet!

UPDATED: 20 February 2013 - Welcome, and thanks for visiting.

My name is Cheryl, I have worked for the Air Force for almost 34 years. The first  28.5 years at Headquarters Air Force Material Command, Wright-Patterson AFB OH as a supply and equipment management specialist.  My speciality was supply policy and logistics in the areas of uniforms, clothing, individual equipment, and mobility gear including mobility bags.  In December 2007 I moved to a totally new career at Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC) as a case/program manager.   Many people write and ask me what being "in" the Air Force is like, but I am not in the military. I am a civilian employee working for the Air Force.

I am a also a 2004 graduate of the University of Dayton School of Law where I was co-editor and webmaster of the of the student newspaper Equitable Relief, and founding President of Law Students for the Arts. I am a member of UDSL Alumni Board, and still try to remain active with my law school, I am also a member of the   Ohio Bar (admitted in 2004), and the Ohio State Bar Association.
 I would like to take up Alternative Dispute Resolution, Art Law and Elder Law once I retire from government service.

The Artist:

ART:  I've always been a person to dabble in just about anything artistic that attracted my attention. I love counted cross stitch and needlepoint, which I have shown at the local county fair, and won ribbons.  Recently I have taken up quilting - another addictive hobby! I have tried my hand at soapmaking, enameling, painting, ceramics, and many other things over the years. About eighteen years ago I learned to spin - and now I have two spinning wheels, several drop spindles, and bags of fiber! Fine merino is my weakness, but I also like to spin silk. I also have a four harness Schacht Baby Wolf loom, but haven't woven a single thing in years (a half-warped project of cotton/linen dish towels waits on the loom).  I also do a lot of photography, collect antiques (especially old glass), like to cook, garden, knit, do needlework, quilty, read, travel, and visit museums, and watch cooking shows.


Glass has taken over my artistic life, though I still do a little needlework and spinning. My love of hot glass/beadmaking absorbs a lot of my attention these days. In July 2000 I spent a weekend with a dozen other women in a glass get-together christened CIRCLE OF FIRE (click link to visit and see the weekend fun!) We hope to do this every year.
September 2000 I went to
PENLAND School of Crafts and took a lampwork paperweight class with Mr. Paul Stankard one of the world's best lampwork paperweight artists. I had a great time at Penland (Candice - of COF) was there - and I learned about using Kugler and other soft glass to create small flowers and encase them using Mr. Stankard's torch technique. Photos of this experience are under my "Penland Experience".

In November 2000, I finally got my chance to do off-hand glassblowing at the Springfield Museum of Arts,in a three hour paperweight class.
I made two paperweights and a small Christmas ball.
In January/February of 2005 I got my long-time wish of finally doing blown glass!    My final piece from the four session class was a pretty decent vase.... ok the foot is a bit wobbly - but the color was great!  
Pictures here...   I hope to take a longer class someday. In April 2013 I will be doing a two weekend hotglass paperweight experience again in Dayton, Ohio.

My pride and joy in glass is lampwork bead making.  In 1996, I learned how to make glass beads using a gas torch and Italian Effrette colored glass rods. Recently a lot of people have been enjoying my glass beads. They are now available through my DRAGON BEADS website. The name of my company came from a little inspiration one night.  I love Ann McCaffrey's "Dragonriders of Pern" series... and was making "lizard" beads one night when it suddenly occurred to me that with a pair of wings- - - I would have a baby dragon!  This is the bead that I nicknamed the "Dragonette." It is my idea of what a newly hatched, still somewhat confused, baby dragon might look like. The actual size of these beads is about 1.25 inches long.



I live in the small (ok - medium and growing!) suburban community of Beavercreek, OH.    It is east of Dayton, Ohio (about halfway to Xenia if you have a good map) along US 35. My sons are:

 Chris was the first High School bracket two-time TRACK CHAMPION (2000 and 2001) at Kil-Kare, and competed in Bracket 3 Regional finals in Indianopolis both years. He spends most of his time making his car "perfect." His Car appeared in the Feb 2007 issue of Ford Builder magazine. In his spare time he likes to work on cars... of course.  Chris, who tured 25 in 2007 is a automotive mechanic genious...  he is a certified ASE mechanic, and working full time.  He married his high school sweetheart, Amber, in June of 2006.   They have two beautiful children (right). Chris and Amber also have a Siamese kitty named Lexi ...

My handsome grandson, Ean Christopher  is nearly six now...

Fifth Birthday ...

and a beautiful granddaughter - Jenna - nearly two now..
July 2012


My second son - Mike, now 28 worked  in  construction. until the mortgage crisis started - and housing starts went down... he is now Maintenance Superintendent for an apartment complex.
Mike spent his teen years skateboarding... his passion. (though not so passionate after he broke his arm twice.
( 19 Oct 2000- AND JAN 2001) . He broke his right arm right in the middle - both bones. It took three hours of surgery to put him back together again the first time! Then on 17 Jan 2001 - same arm - four hours of surgery!). Mike rarely skates now....but still likes to do crazy things - like ride his gokart in the MUD... LOL.
Mike also briefly flirted with drag racing in 2000, when his brother was racing.. He managed to
place ninth in his new Junior Dragster in 2002 - in a field of 32 cars! Not bad for a rookie! He is too old to race JR now -....
He is now into motorcyles (much to Mom's disapproval).




Robert and Nancy with Great-grandson Ean.
Our extended family includes my mother and father, (Bob and Nancy) who were alsways very involved in their grandson's activities as they grew up.  We were an extended family doing our vacation, boating, fishing, camping, shopping, etc together. When the boys were younger we loved go camping in the fall, the weather is so much nicer when evenings are cool and a campfire feels warm and cozy.




 My mother taught elementary grade education for  30 years.  Today she loves to garden, read, knit and do needelwork -  and spend time with family.   My father is a retired Air Force Lt. Col, and retired AF civilian engineer.   He was an Air Force navigator before he became and engineer.  He worked for the AF as a civil engineer for many years.   Dad likes to watch TV, watch and feed and watch the deer, birds and squirrels, also build bluebird boxes... and do genealogy research on-line, shop at garage sales,  and read his email. My parents had a "pet" WHITE SQUIRREL that visited their back yard regularly, we called her FROSTY.  Unfortunately she disappeared in August of 2003.. but the next year we discovered two new white squirrels (her descendants? )   She was very tame and would come to the door when hungry - and actually took corn of a hand offered ear.  The new ones are not so tame.

 The boys have their own interests today - so that time is past. ... but we now hae a new family place - in the country (Ross County Ohio)  where we can be away from city life - and the boys can hunt deer.
Chris took the first one in  December 2011 -

Chris's loves cars and drag racing.   The first day my mother went to the race track, and saw Super Pro cars going down the track (some over 110 mph), she wasn't too happy about the idea of her grandson going THAT FAST.... of course she soon learned that not all cars go that fast! When Chris made High School Champion we all went to Indianapolis for the Bracket Finals, and we all enjoyed that experience.


Back - my previous kitty- Domino, front - Lola

 I have  one cat named Lola, and several pet chickens... who are a lot of fun to watch in the yard.

I also raise BEES
not exactly Pets - but an interesting hobby...

In 1996 I discovered beadwork, a craft sure to drive most people cross-eyed. In the course of meeting so many talented beaders on AOL, I developed an interest in "beading" with tiny seed or "Delica" tube beads.    I finally finished my first amulet purse, which is the Hummingbird Purse pattern by B. Elbe. This one was done in "Delicas" in peyote stitch, and has beautiful Austrian crystals in deep rose on the fringe. I also recently completed my second Delica amulet purse - which incorporates one of my lampwork "Bumble Beads."

It is quite darling and a
Honey of a Bag!




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On my Favorite Links page you can find interesting websites about Art, Glass, Beading, soapmaking, spinning, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Also a link to the Air Force Musuem web site. The museum site is wonderful for those of you with a love of military aircraft. - so I hope you have fun!

The following link is not part of my page - but the site for the cute kitty and pretty flower graphics used on my page.
The website was called
Great Cat and Botanical Graphics! but no longer exists.