Mike's Birthday Cake  2007

Pool table and "beer can" candles... LOL

yes - it's pink because strawberry cake is his absolute favorite cake...

Mom's Birthday Cake 2009

Since mom's birthday is Valentine's Day - I always do a heart theme cake....


I've had this pan for several years,  I've done it in several ways.
She loved it - and the little heart candles that I found.

I even found doilies for the cake plate that had printed images of the "Sweethearts" Candy - like you get at Valentine's day

In March - I turned it into a SHAMROCK Cake for the office....


it was green INSIDE also .... LOL!


Recently I have been doing Birthday Cakes for people in the Office - First I did one for the boss - she has red hair - and drives  a white van -- so I did this cartoon style cake

Then we had Julie's birthday. Julie has a pet white rabbit.... from what we hear it is spoiled rotten.   I've told her if she has children and spoils them  like the rabbit - life will be difficult!  She said "I know"  LOL

So - in honor of her birthday (3 April) she got this white rabbit cake.

Then -- we had Zach's birthday.

Last year (in 2008)  I made him this Grinch Cake....(note that the Grinch is wearing a Party Hat...)

He got the "Grinch" because he grins just like the "Grinch" - and has a fondness for the Grinch.... so I made him this as a surprise.  It was the first cake I ever took to the office, and they were all blown away that I had designed and made it.....


This year -2009
I did a take-off on the "bikini cake" -- Zach is transferring to Egypt on a three year assignment -- so I turned a plain bikini cake into a Belly Dancer Cake.

Zach said he'd had a regular "bikini cake" for a birthday before - but never a Belly Dancer Cake!  

2009  - The Cake for Dan.    Dan's a little more restrained... and had said he loved a cake his mother once made him  "Red  Velvet with Chocolate Icing" -- so that is what he got for his birthday.  I decided to go with a brown and white theme for the decor.

He loved it -- it WAS tasty !!!
 Believe it or not - we had SIX BIRTHDAYS in APRIL.  After doing the first three - I decided I needed a REST after doing three cakes in a row --   Keith got a Turtle Cake, baked by Julie, Kathy got Angelfood and Strawberries (her favorite), and Kim got Chocolate cake with white icing baked by Betty!!

2009   AUGUST
The Pink Princess Cake - made for a co-worker who is very into "pink"...

she loved it  It had a tiara, sceptre and a great big pink plastice "jewel" light-up ring.  She wore the ring all day... LOL

August 2009 -
Cake for Mike's Girlfriend's  20th Birthday

Basketweave site -- flowers - and a messy bow done with icing.... oh well... LOL

August 2009  - Fashion Cake for Co-worker.  Jewel box and Purse covered with fondant.  Cake was icing with strips of black fondant for the zebra stripes.

Fake jewelry - including a big right (on the left ) that lights up RED....

Sept 2009 - My son Christopher turns  27 ... where does time go?  He has a fancy 97 TBird (turned into a street class race car - i.e. it can be raced , but is still street legal... it is VERY FAST).

The car is a Wilton pan - but it didn't look like this.  I cut the top down - laid a slice of cake on the "hood" for the fancy scoop hood, and added the fin... LOL

I did the CAR in fondant -- tinting it blue in a plastic bag took over half an hour of kneeding!!!  Windows are black fondant - rest of car is icing applied.  I got silver dust and thinned it and painted it on for the silver.  In the picture all the little flaws show -- sigh.


All for now !    Cheryl