My glass is scummy - and I don't know why...

One Major reason for scummy glass - particularly noticeable in clear Moretti/Effrete glass, is dirty rods. When your rods arrive from the manufacturer - they are NOT clean and ready-to-use. Manufacturing oils, dirt, general grime, and fingerprints and oils from human handling all contribute to dirty rods... Get them clean. Clean rods reduce your chance of scum and other nastiness..
TIPS on getting and keeping clean glass rods:


CLEAN your clear glass very, very, very well. I use a three step process.

1. Take a rag, soak it in warm soapy water and wash the rods - rinse with clear water
(I generally just wipe them with a rinsing clean wet towel). Put the rods down on a pile of clean paper toweling, or a clean cloth towel.(NOT newspaper!)This first step gets the major dirt, oils and other manufacturing stuff off your rods.

2. Take clean paper towels or lint free toweling and clean each rod with WINDEX, a dripping wet towel of Windex. wipe down the rod and put it on clean dry toweling.

3. WIPE RODS WELL with RUBBING ALCOHOL and clean paper towels or lint free cloth toweling.


Store cleaned rods in a tube,or carton- cardboard or a piece of PVC. This helps keep dirt and dust etc. off the rods.
1. Once rods are clean - store them in a tube where they are covered and protected from dust and other environmental fallout.

2. DO NOT DRAG RODS out of the tube - minute scratches also cause scum and bubbles - pick a rod up and lift it out of the storage - don't drag it on the other rods.

3. Always handle only ONE end (as little as possible) of the rods - your finger oils will cause scum even!!! (I've considered wearing cheap cotton gloves while handling clear glass! someday I will try it and find out how much difference it does make! But I have actually SEEN a fingerprint on a rod turn to scum in the flame...) When working the rods - try to keep finger prints, etc. off the rod - as much as possible... Once I have used a rod - particularly CLEAR rods - I will take that rod and wipe off any fingerprints/oils with rubbing alcohol and put it back in its storage tube.

SCUM forming while working at the torch -
don't try to work around it - wipe the molten tip on a scrap rod to pull off the scum - or grab the end of the rod with a pair of tweezers, and strip away the scum.