Baby Dragonette - custom orders
please note the Dragonette is a Copyrighted design!

Below you will find a sampling of dragonettes, but all dragonettes are MADE TO ORDER.

Each Dragonette bead is slightly over one inch in length. These beads are top heavy - and as such, will not hang with the dragonette upright in a horizontal setting,they tend to turn wings down.
They are, however, quite cute when strung vertically in a necklace so that they hang head upward. This gives them the appearance of clinging to their "tube" so as not to fall off.

They can be worn simply - on a"Change-A-Bead" (© Beth Williams) pendant too...
This is shown enlarged. Pendant length is 1.5 inch size.

Dragonettes can be custom color ordered (see list below SAMPLE pictures).

"Dragonettes" are a copyright design of Dragon Beads © 1997, 98, 99.
(all images, text and design of these webpages is copyrighted 2002)

Lime on Pine Green

The Dragonette: $30.00 each

various colors on request (please note SOME COLORS not available due to technical difficulties with color compatibility. Each dragon should be ordered as a single BODY color, on single TUBE color.

Periwinkle on White

Other combinations available - please ask! Custom order means that you can specify the color of the Bead TUBE, and the color of the Dragonette BODY. Normally they all have golden/clear sparkle wings. Details (toes, spots, etc.) are at the whim of the birth mother....

Color choices are: Black, White, Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Yellow, Lt. Yellow-Green (I call it lime), Medium Green (pine color), Rose (baby pink), Sky Blue, Periwinkle Blue, Cobalt Blue, Lt. Turquoise, Brown, and Maroon.
The chart below shows SOME of the colors - to give you and idea of the intensity of these..

for PURPLE Dragonettes

This is a color difficult to obtain, so please see the purple dragons before you ask for them. The only glass color approaching purple is a dusty violet color that I wouldn't call "purple" - so if you insist on purple, be advised it is a more muted color.


Dragonettes" ©Copyright 1997 (what does copyright mean?)


To read more about the creator of these babies visit: To: The Artist Within...

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