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First and foremost protect your eyes! Depending on the type of glass that you are working and the torch that you use depends a lot on the type of lens you may need. (Your comment that you have a heavy prescription is not a problem. We are presently talking to about ten glass workers a day and doing all types of work.)
The following is a GENERAL guideline on protecive lens needs:

1) Hot Head torch using MAPP gas and soft glass, the rose Didymium lens will give you filtration of the Sodium flare ,reasonable protection in the Ultra-Violet, but not very good in the Infra-Red wavelengths.

2) Pre-mix or surface mix torches using propane or natural gas/oxygen, on soft glass and working relatively small objects with Borosilicate, the AUR-92 will give you adequate protection in all the wavelengths, in addition to the added benefit of enhanced blue, green, and red spectrums.

3) Same as item #2 but using a larger size torch, and working Borosilicate glass on small to large items, such as small sculptures, the AGW -186 will be the best bet. The 186 lens is the basic AUR-92 that gives you all the protection you need in the UV,sodium flare and reasonably good filtration in the Infra-Red, but we cement on the another layer of glass Schott KG-3 that eliminates all the I R. This may be a little help to you.

If you go to our web site http://www.auralens.com click on products, then glassworkers... you will find all of our products as well as all the spectral responses for them. Our visor is one possibility for people with changing or difficult prescriptions. We offer a trial of the visor for people unsure of what they are looking for in protection.

If you will, give me a call at 1- 800 281.2872 ext.14.
If I am away from my desk leave a message and I will get back to you. In any case I would like to talk you through your choices and get a feel for what glass protection you need.
Bob Aurelius of Aura Lens

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