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Newspaper clipping of Nancy's 9th Bday - Marion Star
Nancy and JoAnn with the NO PARKING SIGN

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- Karen, Bob Keggan, Nancy Curren, Dave McWherter, JoAnn Curren. ? Vernon Curren Sr and Wilma Curren
Florida 1962
Wilma Curren
Vernon - sports/Motorcycle champ
Nancy- 1967
The Marshmallow Cookout --
Nancy at the grill - Jan 2000
Nancy-- Lebanon Ohio Oct 2000

 Nancy- birthday Feb 2001



 Mom Mike and Chris - Fall 2002 The GREAT GRAPE HARVEST
CHERYL - Cheryl's Law School Admission Photo 2001 (lawschool photo!) Cheryl - Making a  Bead at the torch
Christopher -HS Champion - 2000 Christopher- dressed for a Homecoming Dance - Fall 2000
Christopher and Amber-- Dance - Homecoming 2000 Chris -- his Senior Photo

Michael - Florida 1999

Mike Skating 2001
Mike -- with trophy for Jr DragRacing - 2000 Rookie year - finished in top ten.  

Mike and Katy - June 2005

Christopher Proposes to Amber -June 2005
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Emilie -with doll 1998 Emilie xmas 1998
Uncle Chuck
Uncle Chuck #2