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LAMPWORKING and Hot Glass Interest Links
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. I want to make beads... tell me how. .....see below!
2. Where can I buy glass rods, tools, etc.? See Suppliers list.
3. I want to learn hotglass or get instruction in lampwork techniques Where can I learn?

Many places - see the class info below - or Glass Line's Links . Also check your local college or university art school. Some of the listed suppliers and individual artists offer classes and instruction: Arrow Springs, Brian Kerkvliet, Robert Mickelsen...
4. What about Safety? - see Tank, Torch and Fire Safety below
5. What about EYE PROTECTION?
Some of this information duplicates from site to site - but you should read all of it - as each offers a different perspective or a special tip that you may find useful.

URBAN MYTHS - not glass but if you don't know what it is read this- so you don't embarass yourself sending false warnings and fake "win money" schemes to your friends and family.

SO -you want to make BEADS....
recommended - Cindy Jenkins' book Making Glass Beads
which is available through Amazon.com or Lark Books
(click on search and enter "glass" or "Jenkins")
Jim Kervin's "Everything you ever wanted to know about Beadmaking"
Email him for a copy:
Jim Kervin

Arrow Springs- see their tips

Brian Kerkvliet's Glass Articles (click on side link to articles)

Society of Glass Beadmakers -
HOW SAFE IS THIS? Tank, Torch and Fire Safety

BURNS what to do and how to avoid them (soon.)
INFORMATION PLACES - good reading, Bulletin Boards, and helpful tips...
Brian Kerkvliet's Glass Articles
articles on beadmaking, marbles, shop set up, safety and more!
A must read site for beginners...

Glass Line's links to Lampwork...

Henry Halem's Glass Notes - the best, the "bible" of hotglass

ROBERT A MICKELSEN - wonderful set of articles on lampworking basics, great gallery of his works.

Brad Shute's Wicked Good Handmade Glass Site
Nice Glass good links, info and Bulletin board

Articles about Marble Making by Drew Frits

Effetre - murano glass, industrial lighting, ...
just for fun - where Effetre rods originate!
The Enamelist Society and "Glass on Metal" magazine


click link for list
SCHOOLS and Instruction - see list

Hot Glass and Lampwork glass Artists (inspiration)
Creekmore Glass

Contemporary Marbles - by Drew Frits

Chris Heilman

GOSSAMER GLASS - Brian Kerkvliet


Kristen Frantzen Orr

Mark Selleck - Glass Impressions - Borosilicate lampwork and glass carving.

Larry Selman Ltd
- major seller of Paperweights, the International Paperweight Society and more - many major artisits, and their works, featured at this site... don't miss!

multiple links to glass sites - all forms

Mid-Atlantic Society of Glass Beadmakers

NEON !!!
JACOB FISHMAN - neon artist


LIGHTWRITERS resources,books, supplies, gallery

HOT BITS - an accumulation of tips and discussion on lampworking, beadmaking, and hot glass.
- My clear glass is scummy when I try to encase ....
or - how to get your glass rods really clean.
- Why do you get bubbles in soft glass (Moretti/Effrete) while winding beads?

- Do I really need an annealing kiln?
includes article on safety of vermiculite


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