My mother called me on Sunday evening, the 8th of July,

 and said "call back so your father will answer the phone... he is in the other room and the deer is on the patio!"

I called back and told Dad to take his camera out to the family room -and get a picture!

This is what my mother was watching out the patio window.


Dad sent me the following note - and these two pictures...




"I took these pictures through my patio door on Sunday. 8 July 2007.   She is eating the corn off the cobs, that we put out for the squirrels.


She is about 15 feet from me.  At times she looks over and looks right at us--then goes on eating.


She has been up here on 3 or 4 days.  Once she was here 4 times in one day.


Would you believe she would come into residential neighborhood like this."

I told mom to watch out - I hear that deer like to eat garden plants..... next she will chomp those currant bushes you see in the foreground - and then work on her roses!