Cheryl's New House

Front of House from  Street...


The three windows across the front are to bedrooms.

A picture at an angle across the front of the house- which shows better how wide the front section actually is....

it is  38 feet wide.


There are a few hosta and lilies in the front garden.

Front Entry Garden And Porch


Large enough  to have a small table and chairs on the porch area.


I have a white wrought iron set that I plan to put there.

Bad shot of the table and chairs - in the snow at my current home... LOL

One must "imagine it" in the setting above!



 Back yard from the Right end of the house - there are three large trees - well spaced in the backyard.

So it has areas of shade and sunshine -

back in the sunny spot - there is an area that has obviously been a vegetable garden area.



Walking around the left of the house - the first window is the master bedroom and the second window is the Living room window.  There is a lot of space between house and lot line on this side .. as you can see from the fencing. (at least 15 feet)

the house is 52 feet deep from front to back at this point!

Taken from Back LEFT corner of the house looking across the back yard.  There are peonies in the garden between the corner and the Air Conditioner... and holly on the other side of the AC.

House sketch from Tax Records

A0 is Main house, A 2, small box at top is patio. A3 is garage and A4 is the entryporch.

Sketch is technically incorrect as the laundry room is taken out of the garage area, in the top left, where I drew it in.



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