November 2007

Chris, Ean and Amber - this was taken around the first week of November....


Ean stayed at my house for the evening - while mommy and daddy went out together.

Grandma got him all to herself.

Then daddy and mommy came home!

Ean is so curious about everything.

 Look - I am trying to crawl !!!


Not quite there yet - -but very soon!






And when I want to stand up - I'm such a BIG BOY... let go Mom!


First Thanksgiving!


I love to play with toys!

My bib (hidden) said Baby's First Thanksgivin -- and the little outfit said "Thankful for Mommy" under the cute little turkey.

The best part were the feet - which said "Gobble" "Gobble" on the bottoms!

And - I can sit up and play too ... at the beginning of the month I was just starting to try... now I can do it on my own!


Am I cute??????

Thanksgiving Dinner


Left to right

Mom, Dad, Christ, Mike, Katy, and Amber


oh - Ean is in the chair - but you can barely see him.


I'm taking the picture, of course!

November 30, 2007

Look how much I have grown in three weeks!!!!!

Amber gave me a cute picture -- I scanned it for you.  She took Ean to the mall today and they had Santa there, so she had his picture taken with Santa. She said he didn't fuss at all - and was very curious about Santa's beard, they had a hard time getting him to look at the camera, because he wanted to  look at Santa!  But I think it came out great.


Ean spent the evening with me - and he is scooting all over the place.. not true crawling - but the put both hands forward, hunch up on knees and PUSH - he can do it pretty fast too!


All for now!