Dragonettes in the Purple Theme

PURPLE GLASS is a fickle thing.  The chemical composition of most purples makes them
difficult to work with, and there are no "bright" purples.
Additionally - some purples develop a silvery "sheen" when worked...
(the darker the purple, the more likely this will occur.)
Most opaque purples are  soft, and muted - like the background of this page.

Additionally - most purples do not "play nice" together ... and can cause separation issues. (i.e. making a darker purple on a light purple glass
may cause a chemical reaction that shatters the glass later.)

Therefore I highly recommend that if you want a "purple" dragonette,
it will be attached to a plain WHITE tube.  
This also enhance the "purple" of the dragonette, against the white background.

Color of purples varies from batch to batch - so if you request "purple" -
you just have to accept that this will be whatever shade of purple I have available...