Christopher and Amber

5 June 2005

24 June 2006

The Bride Waiting ...

The Groom -
before the ceremony

Groom and Bridesmaids

Bride coming down the aisle with her grandfather.

The Wedding

Taking Vows

Leaving the Church

Arriving at the Reception
The Wedding Cake

A beautiful confection.. all the flowers were sugar paste and icing, really beautiful.

The Groom Cake (strawberries dipped in chocolate to look like tuxedos, and the Ford Logo on top.
Cutting the Wedding Cake
Umm -- Yummy !

Feeding the Bride one of those strawberries (she loves chocolate covered strawberries)

Smiling at the reception...

(I see a wedding ring on his finger!)

with friends and family..

Left to Right

Katy (Mike's girlfriend), Chris, Amber,

Mike (groom's brother), Cindy and Randy LaFountain (family friends)

Blurry - sorry... better photo later

Wedding Dance

The Car -

don't ASK how upset the groom was!!!!
Luckily - his friends had sense enough not

to TOUCH the paint - all "stuff"

was on the windows.



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